Frequently Asked Questions

Are the apps for IOS and Android mobile devices already developed? 

Yes. Both apps for IOS and Android have been developed. Over 1500 free GIFs and emojis are available within the apps to choose from.

How often will the Mojipic app be updated with increased GIFs and emojis?

The Mojipic apps will be updated every month with new GIFs and emojis. We have forecasted that within 1 year the available GIFs and emojis will be increased to 4000 distinct options.

Which mobile devices will integrate with Mojipic?

The Mojipic app will support any IOS mobile device running 9.0 or higher. It will also support Android mobile devices running KitKat (4.4) or higher.

Will I be able to create original designs of images, emojis, GIFs or words for free?

Yes. You will enjoy the opportunity to be as creative as you like at no extra cost. Create as much and as often as you like with the Mojipic Real-Time Drawing and GIF Maker.   

Will I be able to upload any pictures I want?

Yes. Upload any pictures you see fit to creatively express yourself.

How do I charge the Mojipic device?

Mojipic contains a rechargeable 8500Mah battery that can be charged by a 12v car plugin.

How long does the Mojipic battery last?

One must take into account the type of image, the size of the curb, and the level of selected brightness. With an average use of Mojipic, 100 to 150 winks per day, the battery will last for one month without any additional charge.

While set to continuous glow, taken type of image or size of the curved wall and selected brightness, the Mojipic device will last all day on one charge.